Meet the CellMaker

Our single use bioreactors deliver a more efficient process and are ideal for scale up production.

Designed for industrial and academic scientists who require to rapidly grow cells in their laboratories where precise environmental control is required, and offering oxygen and temperature regulation without the need of an incubator.

Less Interaction

The CellMaker uses disposable bags which means there is no cleaning or contamination issues and it doesn't need to be housed in an incubator.

Remote Monitoring

The remote monitoring feature of the CellMaker removes the need for constant supervision.

Temperature Control

The integrated heating and cooling system combined with airlift technology provides a high oxygen transfer rate to optimise cell growth.

The CellMaker™ system uses bubbles to move cells and nutrients, eliminating the need for mechanical mixing with its unique air lift technology to give exceptional oxygenation.

Our single use bioreactor comprises of a sterile bag that is fitted into an enclosure to constrain the vessel. Contents of the bag are agitated by the influx of gases through a sparge tube. These gases are accurately controlled and, dependent on the environment needed for the process, can be Air, Oxygen Nitrogen or Carbon Dioxide.

The method of operation applied by the CellMaker produces an excellent Oxygen Transfer Rate (OTR), up to four times the amount of protease than competitive products, and is ideal for oxygen-hungry bacteria.

The CellMaker single use bioreactor is available  in two sizes: 8 litre and 50 litre – flexibility in scale.

The CellMaker Controller, enables important user defined parameters to be specified. The unit can be provided without DO and pH sensors in the CellMaker REGULAR or with DO and pH sensor options in the CellMaker PLUS.

The CellMaker Photobioreactor utilises a light source to cultivate phototrophic microorganisms and has built in LED lighting adjustable for intensity and wavelength.



Suitable for production of bacterial yeast and algae cells in volumes from 3L to 8L. 



This system allows for control of pH and Dissolved Oxygen levels.



 Built in adjustable LED lighting to cultivate phototrophic microorganisms.