Proteon Completes Registration Process of Bafasal®

Thursday 23rd February 2017, 2:30pm

Proteon Pharmaceuticals has developed an innovative product called Bafasal®, a feed additive based on bacteriophages as active agents, which prevents the infection by Salmonella, a very common infection agent in the digestive tract in poultry.

Proteon has now completed the registration process for Bafasal® and it is hoped that industrial scale-up will commence in July 2017. 

Meanwhile, Proteon have taken delivery of an additional three Regular CellMakers.

" The Cellexus team wish Proteon well in the success of this project."

Bob Cumming, Director and General Manager of Cellexus

Proteon Pharmaceuticals is a Polish biotechnology company established in 2005. The main area of Proteon’s interest includes the development of a new generation of antibacterial agents, based on bacteriophages, to treat veterinary infections.