Revolutionary single use bioreactor systems

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Welcome to Cellexus

Cellexus was established in 2008, to develop a scalable single use bioreactor (SUB) for industrial and academic scientists to grow cell cultures in their laboratories, rapidly and in a controlled environment, for use in a wide range of applications including life sciences, brewing, biopharmaceutical and agricultural feed.


Single use bioreactor using bubbles to move cells and nutrients, creating an environment that allows bacterial and other cells to be grown rapidly.

Cellmaker Bags

Manufactured from a specially produced multi-layered material for use with the CellMaker and designed for rapid set-up and optimisation of cell culture.


The CellMaker has been be proven in a wide range of cell lines including E. coli, pichea, yeast, bacteriophage, algae and insect cells.

How it works

The Cellexus technology delivers a revolutionary, yet simple way of aerating and mixing bacteria and other cells using bubbles that provide high oxygen transfer rates combined with ease of use. Designed in a unique manner to simplify, accelerate and improve cell culture and fermentation processes.

What type of cell do you want to grow?

Introducing Bacteriophages

The CellMaker can produce phage in your laboratory for research: